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"C++ Journal"

What is Software Design


"C++ Report"

Migrating from C to C++: A Case Study
Using Exceptions Effectively: Part I -- Coping With Exceptions
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Guidelines for Throwing Exceptions
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Guidelines for Using Exception Specifications
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Exceptions and Debugging
"The (B)Leading Edge" - STL Gotcha's
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Reflections on Exceptions
"The (B)Leading Edge" - More STL Gotcha's
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Moving to Standard C++
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Faking (and Exploring) Run Time Type Information
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Low Overhead Class Design
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Yet Another Visitor Pattern
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Yet Another Visitor Pattern - Part 2
"The (B)Leading Edge" - Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead
"The (B)Leading Edge" - String in the Real World
"The (B)Leading Edge" - String in the Real World - Part 2